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Jocelyn Chen

Started in late 2011 by two computer science researchers, Dr. Hseush from Columbia and Dr. Huang from Cornell, the BigObject team was first incubated inside eBizprise Inc., striving to solve complicated supply and demand forecast issues for emerging countries. In the past two years, these two researchers have been revisiting the fundamentals of computer science and endeavored to discover a more efficient and effective way to handle big and complex data that we encounter today. With two-year’s system experiment and development, the team is delighted to present the world a sound and disruptive technology, In-Place Computing Model and its adherent product, BigObject store.The BigObject team published “Real-Time Collaborative Planning with Big Data” as the invited paper on IEEE Conference CollaborateCom in October 2013 where the in-place computing model was firstly presented publicly.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, May 22