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Minyong Kim

Korea University
Ph.D. Candidate
South Korea
Minyong Kim is a Ph.D. candidate in the Division of Computer and Communication Engineering, Korea University, Korea, under the supervision of Prof. Sung Woo Chung. His research interests include low power techniques and power profiling techniques for mobile devices. Recently, he developed a novel and energy efficient Linux task scheduler for smartphones and delivered it to LG electronics. In 2011, he proposed a user-aware display power management technique (published in IEEE Computer). In 2012, he proposed an accurate online power profiling technique for multi-core smartphones with a high performance GPU (published in IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics). In 2013, he discovered that the battery consumption of a smartphone is not proportional to the energy consumption (published in IEEE Computer). You can find more about his research at http://smrl.korea.ac.kr.